5 Secrets That Helped Me Improve My Time Investment

Every day offers us challenges to invest our time wisely. Here are five things that have been very helpful to me in improving my life.

1. Learning to speed read.
If you want to improve your life it can begin with reading. For me, that was difficult because I am dyslexic. I learned a new method of reading in high school that helped me do well. That style carried me through the doctorate level of education.

I was always afraid to try to speed read. When I finally learned that skill, a new level of learning kicked in. I read a lot in my work. Literally hundreds of pages each week. With speed reading techniques I can read more material in less time with increased comprehension.

Try it. You have nothing to lose and may gain a lot!

2. Using travel time as educational time.
Zig Ziglar called this “Automobile University.” I have listened to many training seminars and books while traveling. The hours I have put in would equal enough to complete several Master level programs. When I want to grow in an area I assemble a group of books and training programs to study. I use my car or headphones as I walk as a classroom. Anyone can do that same thing. Today’s technology makes this very easy.

Write down two things you would like to learn more about. Begin to put together the tools you need to become educated in those areas. Use your travel time as educational time.

3. Organizing my files.
When files and information are easy to access the time savings is enormous. Organize your physical and computer files in a logical way for you. Design a content page where you can glance at the information and know where to file or find an item.

List out the major areas that your normal files would fall under. Next, list the subheading that would go under each of these areas. Keep this list handy so it can remind you where to look for the file. Begin to go through your computer and physical files and file them according to your plan.

4. Designating a space for regularly used items.
How many times do you misplace your keys, phone, headphones, glasses, etc.? Don’t waste time looking for misplaced items. Designate a place for each item at home, the office, and the car. Force yourself into the habit of putting the item in its assigned place. Once you establish this new habit, you will save time. You won’t have to retrace your steps or rummage through the house to try and find them.

Designate a place for your items. Share that with your spouse, roommate, or work friends. Let them know that if they find it out of place you would appreciate them returning it to your designated space. Thank them when they do. They are helping you build your new habit.

5. Grouping tasks.
I keep an ongoing list of the errands that I need to do. From the list, I begin to group the things into areas where I can do several errands together at one time. Even at work, I try and group similar task together as much as possible. Working on tasks which are alike allows the energy and creativity needed to do one task to launch me into the other ones. These grouping techniques help me save a significant amount of time.

Begin a list of the errands you need to do and group them together when you do them. Also, look at your work and determine if it is possible to move around when you do different tasks. Use the energy of completing one task to help you complete another.

I hope that you can use these five secrets to help you invest your time wisely. Those investments will transform your life. Each moment is important because you can never get that time again. Happy Investing!