One Simple Exercise to Discover the Time You Need to Succeed

Are you overwhelmed? Is your schedule full? Every minute is crammed with events, appointments, and assignments. There is absolutely no time for yourself!

Then you are in the right place. Here is a tool that is great for discovering the time that you already have within your control. It does not require eliminating tasks. The time is already there. Trust me!

You may think, “No way!” That is what I thought. I had convinced myself that I was stuck in a life that was under the control of everyone but me. Amazingly, the Day Map helped me discover nearly two hours each day where I have control over more small blocks of time. This is time I can use for reaching my goals.

You can find the the Day Map here (

What will it do for you?

  • It will help you see all your time usage at one time so you can evaluate it quickly.
  • It will reveal to you Transitional Times that are in your control.
  • It will change your mindset and give you a, Yes, I do have time, attitude.

How do I use it?

  • Think of the day in 15-minute segments.
  • Note what you do in each time segment.
  • Highlight those segments that have any time that you control ¬†(such as the time you drive, walk, or take a bus to work; wait in lines; wait for appointments; do a routine task that doesn’t require total attention; etc).

What is the result?

The Day Map will help you identify a number of times throughout the day where you can accomplish small steps toward achieving your personal goals.

So, check out the Day Map and find your time now!

After you do your Day Map come back and leave a comment about how much time you discovered!