Redefine Your Time and Breakthrough Today!

Is every minute of your day booked? Even if it is, redefining how you look at time can change your life.


  • Everyone has the same number of minutes in a day.
  • Time is the only commodity that you can never earn more of or save for later.
  • Every unused moment is gone forever.

These facts should drive you to look at time differently.

Moving From Using to Investing

When you use time it often has little value.  We spend it and even waste it.  There is never enough time in the day and you need a lot more of it.

Move from using time to investing in time. This is a simple and powerful change that will revolutionize your life. When investing, you plan ahead to make every moment begin to pay off.

Your money doesn’t just sit there in an investment – it is working hard for you. Time also needs to be invested wisely to successfully grow our opportunities and produce a positive return.

Think about how you view your time.

What is your current view of time? How well is it being invested?  Not everything deserves our time.

  • Are you considering your time as extremely valuable?
  • Are you evaluating your time investment to ensure it is a quality investment?
  • Have you made an accounting of what your time investment is paying you back?
  • What time investments are you making that are not making good returns?
  • Are you willing to walk away from bad time investments?

A good investment in time will pay you back adding quality and value to your life.

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My Breakthrough

My life significantly changed when I looked at how I used small blocks of time and your’s can too! Those blocks, they were already filled with activities that I could not change. The activities were necessary according to the demands of my work or my routine of life—but many of the activities did not require a great amount of mental involvement. I began to view these activities as Transitional Time.

Transitional Time is any time I am moving between two tasks where I personally have control of that time; when I am doing a routine task which does not require constant mental attention.

Examples of Transitional Time

  • Driving/Riding
  • Riding the bus/subway
  • Walking to work/workstations
  • Waiting for an appointment
  • Standing in the checkout line
  • Dusting the house
  • Mowing the yard
  • Walking the dog
  • Break time
  • A few minutes after your lunch break

Redefine these times as golden opportunities to invest in yourself.  Use this time to think through projects, plan small details, write idea outlines, etc.

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Comment below and list three Transitional Times that you can invest in to begin changing your life.